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A deficit of graciousness: Whose fault is it?

“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” James Lane Allen. By now, most of you would have read about the 2013 Graciousness Index dropping 8 points to an all-time low of 53. The Index serves as a reflection of the state of graciousness in Singapore, but the survey does not ask for the reasons behind the Index’s movements. However, it is only human for us to want to know who or what is responsible. The bulk of the response to the story, as seen in online comments, has been to apportion blame. Here’s a smattering of some comments. “It is difficult to be gracious and to be kind when there are so much stress and frustrations out there in our daily lives. And people are crying out in pain when the leaders hear not. When people don’t have hope, or are in despair due to inequality and injustice, the society will disintegrate from within.” “Cannot be too friendly with people who come to steal our PMET jobs, depress our pay and discriminate us with their fake degrees.” “Ho