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Make Every Day Forgiveness Day

According to the latest National Values Assessment, conducted between March and June this year, family, friendship and compassion are among the top values that Singaporean residents feel best describe themselves. The survey provides some preliminary insights into what matters to Singapore residents, and generates a meaningful discussion about the society and workplace environment they desire. "We have left the idea of community and family so far behind, and focused much more on what policy can do, laws can do, and what we have to earn in order to survive. So you have to re-ignite that sense of family and community, which people want to express more of," said Dr Gillian Koh, senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies. It is very encouraging to compare the results of this second survey with the first done in 2012.   Then, elitism and deteriorating values were listed as common traits in society. That these traits were not among the top 10 in the cu