Words, Words, Words…Watch Your Words

Recently, my friend, a well-known socio-political commentator posted on her Facebook a verse from the good book. “My Dear brothers, take note of this: “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” She added, “I really ought to remember this.”

Another friend asked, “Why only brothers?” I replied, “because 'brothers' is made up of Bro + Others”.

Jokes aside, it reminds me of Shakespeare, who was fascinated by the power and the frailty of words. This is so true with the spoken word. “Words are like wind”, he wrote. But we also know that it can breathe life into rousing oratory or kill the best of us with bitter curses.

Last night my friends brought my wife and me to a Teochew restaurant for dinner. While waiting for a table, I chanced upon this framed verses in Chinese. I was fascinated by the trove of Chinese wisdom in those words. 

Like my friend, I really ought to remember this. It will help me to be more gracious not only in deeds but also in the way I speak about matters.

Dr. William Wan
9 June 2014.


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