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Hope Springs Eternal

Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians around the world.  For these Christian friends, Easter is about their faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ whom they believe to be Lord and Saviour.  The resurrection from the dead gives them hope both for the present as well as the after-life.  I posted an Easter greeting last Friday as follows: “He is risen” announced the angels some 2,000 years ago.  Since then Christians around the world celebrate Easter Sunday every year.  To all my Christian friends, I do wish you a blessed Easter filled with Hope, Faith and Love.  To my friends of all faiths, I wish you the same,  for hope springs eternal in our hearts when we have faith in the good that only love can accomplish.  So Happy Easter, one and all.” So much has already been written by so many about the good that was seen at the Padang where thousands queued day and night to pay respect to the late first Prime Minister of our nation, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.  I can do