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Neighbours by Chance, Friends by Choice

Some of my friends have asked me why I have stopped blogging. The truth is I have been busy writing my book Through the Valley: The Grace of Ageing and Dying Well. Now that I have completed it, I will try to blog more regularly. Please accept my apologies.

I am a champion of good neighbourliness and have been promoting the idea that we can be friends by choice even though we are neighbours by chance. Over the years, I have reached out to my neighbours by organizing Let’s Makan and initiating greetings and other social contacts to develop friendship. And what have I to show for my effort, you may ask.

Truth is, there is latent kindness in all of us – waiting to be unlocked by simple initiatives of reaching out with a smile, a word of greeting, a simple conversation and an opportunity to have a drink or a meal together.

Here’s how my neighbours have responded to us:
One evening, I came home after work only to find that my wife was not in and I did not have the house key with me. My orig…