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Wan of a Kind... is back!

Dear friends I'm back - from the other side... though not quite, because I was never really there. When we took the painful decision to remove and archive Wan of a Kind last April 2016, my intent was to contribute actively to SKM's new editorial site, The Pride . And though I did manage a piece (and the editors also republished another that I wrote for a local paper) in its earliest days, it turned out to be just unrealistic to keep up with a more frequent, more current format with tight deadlines. In a way, I am glad that happened. For one, I am happy and proud to say that The Pride has now found its own solid footing, with its dedicated team of editors and writers serving up fresh thought-provoking perspectives with honesty, humour and hope 2-3 times a week. At the same time, it freed me up to provide more input and guidance to my hard-working SKM team. I was able to contribute to many kindness-related causes on the ground beyond SKM including publishing four book