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Aphorisms to Live By

On the eve of the New Year, I posted on my Facebook the following: "I got up this morning reflecting to myself the following 12 lessons I have learnt and relearnt in the last 12 months: H ave time for things that count which are usually beyond counting.  A lways live with positive Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.  P eace starts with me and it begins with a smile.  P rayer is not instructing God, it is simply reporting for duty.  Y ou can decide to do the right thing each and every time. N o matter how you feel, just Get up, Dress up and Show up, for the best is just ahead of you.  E arn your self-respect for no one owes it to you.  W ork smart while working hard.  Y ou can forgive everyone and everything for it will release you from self-destruction.  E nvy is a waste of energy, you already have all you need.  A ttune to the idea that what others think of you is none of your business.  R ealize that there is a poverty that only riches can generate, and a wealth onl