See you on the other side (site)

Dear friends,

Hello, it’s me. Pun on Adele’s song aside, it’s been almost four years since the launch of this blog in August 2012. Thank you for giving me the privilege and pleasure sharing with you my thoughts and ideas on kindness, and I hope I have gotten more people alerted and interested in some aspects of kindness. 

It is with a tinge of sadness that I am now announcing the closure of this blog. This is part and parcel of revamping our site. We are renaming our new editorial site, The Pride. It is a content-driven site that will bring fresh insights on current affairs and community happenings that has some relevance to our mission to foster a kinder and more gracious society. We want this new platform to be more engaging and interactive. I will contribute op-eds and social commentaries on issues relevant to kindness, as a member of the editorial team.

It is time to change from being the sole writer of my own blog on kindness, to being a staple contributor of The Pride. This mirrors Singapore Kindness Movement’s latest tagline “Kindness. It’s up to us”, where the involvement has expanded from “me” to “us”. I look forward with excitement to the potential and possibilities of our new approach.

See you on the other side (site)!

Visit The Pride, Singapore Kindness Movement's new editorial site bringing you fresh perspectives on current affairs and community happenings, at


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